CMC Training Session 1:

"How to Be Successful As Metabolic Coach"


Other Actions:

  1. Download the "Personal Goal" sheet.  Complete and keep for yourself.
  2. Adopt a meaning for your name:  "Successful to the point of having everything. Generous to the point of having nothing."
  3. IMPORTANT:  Get yourself to a quiet place, take a deep breath and relax all your muscles. Then start to visualize in your mind the way you want to see yourself. How would you like to be living your life? See yourself living it that way. Take that picture and describe it. Write it out. Start to read it and read it. And read it. And read it every day. Put in on your bathroom mirror. Read the words every morning and night. Carry it around and keep reading it. The one point that all the great teachers all down through history have all agreed on, they've been in complete unanimous agreement on is this.… We become what we think about. Now, it may be fantasy at first. It might even appear to us as being a lie. But if you read it enough, you'll start to believe it. Now, a lot of people will laugh at this and say, it doesn't make any sense.  But it does make sense--a lot of sense. They can't tell you why it doesn't. I could spend hours telling you why it does, and I could explain it in such detail that everyone would understand it. (Credit goes to: Bob Proctor).